Thursday, June 4, 2009

It doesn't hurt to ask

I recently canceled long distance phone service from our local land line. Doing the math we realized that we were paying an average of $20 a month for domestic and international long distance (regardless of usage), which we rarely were using. Also whenever we DID call international the per minute rates were quite high on top of the base rate we were paying. So we downloaded the Skype software instead, and were good to go. No subscription fee. In the past three months I have added about $20 to our account for calls to England and Pakistan, and still have a balance left to make a couple more calls. Plus I have friends and family in various countries who Skype too, so it costs me nothing to talk to them, as long as I can catch them online. We use our cell phones for 95+ percent of our calls. As yet I have not been brave enough to completely do away with our land line, and our DSL is also bundled with it.

Anyway, since our local phone use is minimal I called the phone company to ask if we could downgrade our local phone service to the minimum too. Turns out, we are actually paying for the lowest tier plan already, what is still more then we need. So after the customer rep reasoned that I was trying to save money he offered another way to do it. He offered to discount $10 off what we are paying currently for DSL every month for the next twelve months. No change in modem speeds or service in any way. So we are going to save $120 this year just because some nice representative had the authority to discount our plan, and decided to exercise this authority. If you haven't talked to your local phone company in a while, it might be worth a chat, Could save you some money too!


Jen said...

Thanks for sharing. I recently did the same thing with my cable. I called to cancel my DVR and to decrease the amount of channels. Instead, they offered to let me keep them for 6 months with no charge. I just received my first bill and it's $55 less than last month! :)

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