Wednesday, June 24, 2009


How do families do it???!!! I admire anyone who is willing to have a squirmy two year old lie in bed with them, every night.

Last night Bilal woke up at 1:45am, wailing, "I want Mama! I want Mama!" I went upstairs and picked him up, rocked with him for a little while and he settled down. But then he said "I want to sweep downstairs with you." I figured, he's never asked before, so I took him down with me. (I've been short on cuddles lately anyway). He lay in our bed for 3-4 minutes and said "I needa go pee!" So I got up and took him to the bathroom (it doesn't matter anymore that he wears a diaper at night, he doesn't wet it). I sent him to lie down, and by the time I got out of the bathroom he had taken over the entire side of my bed. I nudged him over a little bit towards Zakir, and he started complaining "Baba's pinching me!" Right. Anyway, we finally got him situated, and I thought he was falling asleep when he spoke up, "I need a dwink!" So, up I got again, and took his sippy cup out of the fridge. All he took was one teeny weeny sip, and he was done. Ugh! Then he lay down again, sprawled between Zakir and me, and was quiet for another few minutes. Then he said, "Can you scoot over a bit?" My two year old actually said that sentence! Uh no, baby, I'm about to fall off the bed already!

This is the point when I asked him if he was OK going back to his crib, and he nodded. So, up the stairs we went and I lay him in his crib.

"After I have my nap, can we pway?" he whispered. "Yes love, that sounds great."

And as I was walking away, another whisper, "Can we go to the toy store amowow (tomorrow)?" "Hon, we'll talk about it."

So by the time I got back to bed it was past 2:30am, and I was wide awake. That was my night.

Bilal is back to fighting nap time again. But this is what happens if he doesn't take a nap in his crib:
Monday he wouldn't settle down in his crib, so I gave up and let him stay up and play. Around 4pm we were planning a trip to the library, but Bilal got bored while I was helping Safa with some math. So he went into my room, put the DVD player on, and fell asleep. It's a wonder he didn't fall off the bed!


The Smith's said...

I am with ya, Mina! We brought Luke into our bed two nights ago after he had woke up sobbing from what we assume was a bad dream. We never bring him in bed with us and two nights ago reminded me why! He is such a squiggle-squirt and a total bed hog as well.

I loved your photos in your last post as well. Beautiful!


Jen said...

I remember being single and wondering how people could co-sleep with their own husbands. Thankfully I learned to share a bed with my dear husband :)
However, co-sleeping briefly during my son's night terrors left me tired and cranky the next day.... I guess it's just not for me.


The Portas said...

We have only ever tried having Elijah in bed with us once, and it resembled your experience with Bilal very closely. It just doesn't work for us! We love our sleep too much. :)

nadya ajanee said...

yes, i know except now he is old enough that he can climb in by himself very quietly, so often times i dont even know he is in there until i feel i am about to pushed off by this transversely situated object...

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