Monday, June 1, 2009

A birthday party

Sunday was Fatima's birthday party at Jump Zone. Can't go wrong with inflatable toy parties. Unless of course, you're Bilal. He still won't go anywhere near the rides!

Overall the boys had a lot of fun, while Safa spent the day with her friend at the lake. Although she still loves inflatable slides and such, she won't admit it, since she is 'too old' for that stuff.

The birthday girl cutting her cake. If you're wondering, that's a robot on the cake. She is really, really into everything robot!

Pretty girl

Waiting for pizza

Fatima is just a couple of months older than Bilal. that means my little stinker's birthday is around the corner soon too! Gotta get planning. My guess is his party will not involve inflatable toys!


The Portas said...

What's his deal with inflatable toys? That's funny! It sounds like Elijah and his dislike for very random things. Glad the party was fun!!

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