Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend Plans and other stuff

Another long visit at the orthodontist's office today. We have formulated a plan for Hamza, and he got spacers put in for a week. Next week we go back to place the brackets for his headgear. It is going to put us back a good bit, but have an interest-free payment plan for 9 months, so that should work out fine. A lot depends on Hamza being cooperative and actually wearing the appliance, of course.

Yesterday was the most perfect weather we have had in a long time. Sunny, and a very pleasant 72 degrees. Bilal and I spent much of the day playing outside in the backyard.

Measuring the yard with his 100ft long measuring tape

Winding up

Serious repair work

Then in the afternoon I took the boys for a walk, and we ended up making a detour that led us to the park. Hm, I wonder how that happened? Anyway, we didn't have a lot of time to spend there, but the boys did made the most of what they had.

Only one more week of school before summer, and the kids are already in vacation mode. Safa has one more final left for tomorrow, and Hamza hasn't had homework in an unmentionable amount of time. It's crazy, we have Memorial Day weekend coming up (long weekend with Monday off), then another three days of school. This year for a change Safa wants to go until the very last day of school, since she will be leaving all her friends, some who have been with her since kindergarten. Hamza is already talking about playing hooky the last day of school. I might just let him get away with it, since he does have an orthodontist appointment that day.

This weekend we are headed to Mobile to see Farh, Adeel and baby Mobeen. He is already sitting unsupported and we haven't seen him in a long time. If weather permits we plan to spend a day in Dauphin Island so that the kids can get a taste of the beach before we go back in July. Of course I'll have to drag my books down with me.


Amyacl said...

Wow - school ends early there! We had so many snow days this year that I think the kids in our neighborhood will be going until July. Glad you got the chance to enjoy a lovely day!

The Portas said...

Isn't it crazy (and wonderful) that summer is practically here? I'm so glad the kids are already getting into summer mode and loving it.

I love Bilal measuring the lawn. Hee hee...too cute.

Have a great weekend!! xo

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