Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is NOT why I send my kids to school

Spring Fling!

Safa had a field day (literally) yesterday. The entire day at school was filled with games, rides, moonwalks, face painting, ice cream and dancing. I suppose after a year of hard work the kids deserve it. I spent a couple of hours of the morning helping out at the school. Actually I spent most of the time in the nurse's tent, taking care of nauseated, vomiting and light-headed children. Man, some of those spinny rides can really turn your stomach! At one point in time we had four kids under the tent, with their heads down between their knees and ice packs on their necks. Apparently one child had completely passed out (but that happened before I arrived). I think it was a combination of heat, dehydration and hypoglycemia (of the kids I polled, very few had eaten or drank anything for breakfast), not so much the rides. So moms, make sure your kids have breakfast before they go to school! How can they learn anything after they have been fasting for at least 12-14 hours??!!

I'm taking call this weekend, so it means making rounds both days again. Ugh! That is NOT how weekends were supposed to be spent. This morning wasn't too bad, and I made it home in time for all of us to go out to lunch. Maybe tomorrow will be OK too. And somewhere in between working and parenting I have to find time to study. Starting to think I need about 30 hours in a day! But on reflection, life is good. If we didn't have so much going on it would be boring. I feel very blessed.

And the whole potty training thing is going GREAT! Over the past week we have been mostly prompting Bilal to go potty every time we think it is due. But today he actually asked to go himself most of the time. And his 'Handy Manny' underwear stayed dry. I explained to him that Handy Manny doesn't like to be wet, so he should go pee in the toilet and now that's what he says every time he goes. So I don't know when he'll 'officially' be potty trained, but we are well on our way!


Amyacl said...

You know what they say about all work and no play... Looks like it was a fun day. And congrats on the potty training progress!

The Portas said...

I love the "Manny doesn't like to be wet" thing. :)

Minus the ill-feeling kids, sounds like field day was fun! I cannot imagine sending my little boy anywhere for the day without breakfast! I love that you were polling kids about it. :)

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