Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A sweet moment

I left the house for a few minutes yesterday evening and came back to this:

Zakir was reading to the boys, the most animated version of 'The Little Engine that Could' that I have ever heard. And with a captive audience, both Hamza and Bilal hanging on to every word. We read together a lot, but I am the one who does most of the reading aloud, not Zakir. So this was very sweet and refreshing to see. This is one of Hamza's favorite childhood books.

And Bilal is always getting hold of the camera; he's even started taking random pictures now. This is the first one he ever snapped:

And he took this one while Hamza and I were sorting laundry. I was rather surprised he framed it pretty well. I still fear for the well-being of the camera, but gotta let him exercise some of his creativity! As usual, you can see my chronically cluttered room:


The Portas said...

Daddy reading to the boys, precious!!

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