Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Job, K9s!

After all the prep work the yard sale came to a huge conclusion. Parents started setting up at about 2pm, while the students were mostly on the field by 3:30pm. Then came the customers. We had a good, steady turnout over the 3 hours of the yard sale. The end result? $1052 in total profits. That's more than twice their initial goal of $500. It was fun being out there, and watching the students work with such enthusiasm, but quite tiring too. It reminds us that our motivated kids with limited resources can still make a huge difference.

The team with their teacher, Mrs. Mc

Taking a break after the sale was over

My boys hung out too

And this is my baby's silly face after having wolfed down a cupcake. So sweet and kissable!

After the sale we loaded the leftover items back up in the moving truck and delivered everything to a Salvation Army drop-off location. and now we're back home, and pooped. No studying for me tonight!


The Portas said...

Yay, good job! I love Bilal's sweet face, awwww..

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