Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday evening update

We're rolling in to the weekend, so far so good. We had a family portrait session today; thankfully this time the weather cooperated so we didn't have to reschedule. I can't wait to see the results. If it's anything like this one, I don't think we'll be disappointed. I was so excited to see that our photographer Samantha already managed to post one for us to see.

After portraits we went for a quick sushi meal, and after tucking Bilal in the four of us had a game of Phase 10. Now I really want to relax, but my books are beckoning. I have to study at least a bit before I go to bed tonight.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Dog Daze, an annual event on the Mall in Trussville. It usually comprises small rides for the kids, booths belonging to various local businesses, live performances from local bands and carnival style food. Who can resist a funnel cake? Plus we have to check the new 'retro style' (is that an oxymoron?) soda fountain that just opened up in Trussville a couple of weeks ago. So much to do, not enough weekend!

We're still going strong on the potty training front. 6 days, no accidents. And Bilal got the much coveted present he was longing for, a 100 ft long measuring tape that winds up with a crank. Of all the things that could have given him incentive to speed up the potty training process he chose a measuring tape. Yesterday I found him unwinding it all the way from our kitchen, around the staircase, through the sitting room and into the sunroom. Evidently 100 feet go pretty far inside our house. Now we have to watch our step when we walk around the house. But we have one happy toddler running around in Bob the Builder underwear!

Well, off to study for a little while. I'll be able to sleep with less guilt after that.


Laura said...

Wooooo Hooo way to go Bilal. That is hilarious that he wanted a measuring tape, I am sure he made his daddy so proud :)

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