Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dauphin Island, encore

We took a risk with the forecast today, and made a trip to Dauphin Island. It's less than 40 minutes from Farah's house, so we figured, worst case scenario, if it rains or if there's a storm we'll go back home. But the weather was perfect! It was just over 80 degees with a delicious gulf breeze to keep us cool, and NO RAIN! The water was rather choppy so the kids had to stay pretty close to the beach, but they still had a great time.

Typical for Bilal, he didn't know what to make of the sand when we got to the beach. He was really unsure of himself, and initially didn't want to take his shoes off.

But in a surprisingly short period of time he became comfortable on the sand, and of course the wet areas were easier to walk on.

Before we knew it he was running around everywhere, actually becoming quite adventurous. (For Bilal, that is).

The first time he got a teeny bit wet he wanted to change his clothes. It was hard to explain to him that his clothes were meant to get wet! But he soon got over it, and was happy to sit in the shallow water. He actually got closer to the water's edge that he ever has willingly before. This is a test run for our July trip when we hope to spend an entire week at the beach. Ooo, I can't wait!

Mobeen had a blast at the beach too. This was his first trip, and he loved every moment of it. He didn't short circuit from the noise of the waves the way Bilal did on his first trip. In fact he had a wonderful time sitting in Adeel's lap and spalshing in the water (by then my camera battery had died, so I didn't get any pictures of it).


Jen said...

Gotta love the Gulf Coast beaches. Okay, maybe I'm a little biased. Have a great time!

Amyacl said...

So glad the weather cooperated! Looks like everyone had a great time!

The Smith's said...

What great pictures ... I'm so glad you guys got good weather for the beach! Aaah, the beach!

Bilal sounds like Luke ... VERY cautious in new situations. It takes him a while to warm up too.

Have a great week!


The Portas said...

Oh I'm so glad the day turned out to be nice for you guys! I'm glad the kids loved the beach (Bilal especially!). Elijah is super cautious with anything new, too. Ok, all of our boys need to get together! :)

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