Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Speech and stuff

Bilal loves to point at everything outside the window when we're driving in the car. Yesterday we stopped at a red light when we were headed to pick Hamza up from school. Bilal shouted out "Wook Mama, chicken!" Huh? I couldn't imagine why he'd be pointing out a chicken at the side of the road. Finally, when I squinted my eyes I realized he meant pigeon.

These days he is talking up a storm, even though toddler lingo is not always grammatically or phonetically correct. Yesterday when we were reading books he suggested, "Let's lie on the Piyyo". so I said, "OK, we'll lean on the Piyyo". He laughed and said, "No Mama, Piyyo!!", and I said, "OK, piyyo!" This went on until I said, "Do you mean pillow?" and he nodded and answered, "Piyyo". Evidently he's convinced he's pronouncing it the way we do. We were reading an alphabet book at bedtime, and he had fun pointing out the large letters. He recognizes many, but not all the letters. Of course he always says, "B is for me!" But when I showed him "H is for Hamza", he insisted, "No, H is for me!" and "M is for me!" and "O is for me!" and so on, you get the gist of it. He is obviously the center of his tiny universe. Toddler universe. I just hope he doesn't have a rude awakening when he eventually starts school and gets introduced to the world of other kids like him, not just older siblings who would do anything for him.


Unknown said...

He is one smart boy! Keep up the good work Bilal. I can't wait till Arianna can talk like that. :)

Amyacl said...

Let him be the center of the universe for a little while longer! I bet it's a fun place to be. :-)

The Portas said...

I love it! I love listening to kids talk when they are first learning. What a little sweetie. Thanks for the smiles today. :)

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