Thursday, April 16, 2009

So we made it to Philly.....

I am sharing just a couple of photos taken today during our trip. The actual tour photos will be gradually posted over the next few posts.

Hamza offered to send his penguin Fred along with us, so I decided to give him some authority, and had him help chaperone the kids:

He was very patient at the airport while we were waiting for our connection:

One of the places we visited today was the National Consitution Center.

This is a bronze statue of Benjamin Franklin inside Signer's Hall at the Center. More to follow soon. Oh, and Fred ate with us at TGI Friday's.

Obviously we wore him out, because now he has been tucked in for the night.

More from Fred, Safa and our tour group later.


The Portas said...

Fred appears to be a spunky travel companion. How nice of you to take him along!

I hope you guys are having a blast! I saw all the pics on facebook and they're great!! xo

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