Friday, April 3, 2009

Painting fun

I got some finger paint for Bilal, figured he'd love getting his hands dirty. He has no problem digging in the dirt outside with his hands, so I thought he might channel some of that enthusiasm into something creative. Well, he didn't want to get any paint on his hands! He did enjoy painting with a brush, but it was mostly about mixing the colors in the container than actually transferring it on to paper. Ah well, we'll try again another day. For now, here are some pics of the first attempt.

Look at that earnest face!

This is about the most paint Bilal allowed to get on his hands..........

...............until I painted his palms and he attempted a handprint. Of course he didn't let me help him, so it turned out a bit blemished, but still cute:

Now the paints have been put away for another day.


The Portas said...

Fun! Thanks for the idea! Elijah does not like wet stuff on his hands. I love Bilal's painting, very pretty! xo

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