Friday, April 24, 2009

More from the playground and riding bikes

It's great to have a neighborhood safe enough for the kids to ride their bikes and trikes around. Bilal is pedaling all by himself now. He doesn't like me to steer him or push him anymore, but I haven't taken off the big steering handle yet because sometimes he needs a teeny bit of coaxing to come back on to the driveway. He'd much rather be out on the street with big brother.

And here are the park pics from Tuesday as I promised. I would have had them up yesterday, but my camera was MIA. Fortunately I found it, and was able to upload the photos. As you can see, one of Bilal's favorite things to do is climb. Plenty of opportunities at the park! This was the first time I took him to the playground behind the library instead of next to it. It is probably more appropriate for babies and toddlers. I hadn't realized that they had all new equipment. Plus they have a very safe synthetic surface, where a tumble wouldn't even hurt. Perfect for letting Bilal climb to his heart's desire!

And of course, there's the obligatory little tunnel slide. Fun, fun, fun!

We hit 89 degrees today. Pretty hot, eh? Just a sample of things to come in the summer. I took the kids out shopping in the afternoon, and they persuaded me to buy them 'McSonic' ice cream sundaes. Actually, that's Bilal's word for Sonic. He gets the two fast food joints mixed up a bit. I promise, we really don't eat that much junk food! It's just those golden arches are everywhere we go, they're hard to miss, and very recognizable. We rarely actually eat at McDonald's.

We have made reservations for the beach, we'll be going for a week in July. Oooo I can't wait! This is the first time we're actually renting a house on the beach, and for one whole week. Of course before we can enjoy that vacation I have to take my Family Medicine Boards. It has been 7 years since the last time, and it is time to recertify. Man, being a doctor isn't easy, with all the ongoing studying we have to do. Maintaining board certification status is not mandatory, but there is a huge difference between a 'Board Certified' and a 'Board Eligible' physician. Some insurance complanies won't even accept you as a provider unless you remain board certified. So, I guess in a way it is required. anyway, July 10th is my Boards, and July 11th we're outta here!


Amyacl said...

89 degrees! Wow! No wonder you're already looking forward to your beach vacation!

The desire to climb must be genetic - Sebastian is exactly the same way. It's nice to have a good safe playground so they can get it out of their system.

The Portas said...

The park pics are great! AAahhhh, nice weather..

Summer beach vacation, fun! That is definitely something to look forward to.

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