Saturday, April 4, 2009

Math Tournament

Today was Hewitt Middle School's second and last math tournament of the year. Our kids are up against other schools that have Math team as part of the curriculum, not an extra-curricular activity, so competition is always rough. The team didn't win any awards last time, and this time their teacher promised the seventh grade team an ice cream sundae party if they brought home any hardware, so to speak. Nothing like some sweet motivation! Our seventh grade team placed fourth in their division, so won a trophy. The trophies are awarded to the top ten students in each division, and the top five schools. Yay! So the kids will be enjoying sundaes in school some time over the next week or two, compliments of Mrs. Dobbs.

The sixth grade team was short a couple of students so Safa volunteered her baby brother to fill in. Of course, Hamza's in fifth grade and has never attended a tournament or practice. But he was given permission to participate instead of a sixth grader. Although they didn't win any individual or team trophies, I am very proud of him for agreeing to do it. And he admitted that he enjoyed himself. So I'm guessing he will want to participate next year, provided there is a sixth grade math team.

I also attended a CAbi show hosted by a friend this morning, a novel way to buy stylish, although rather pricey clothes. Still, I found a couple of items that were too cute to pass over, and it was nice to have a bunch of us girlfriends there to get opinions from. Bilal had a fun time hanging out with some of the other kids there, while Zakir opted to stay at home.


The Portas said...

Wow, way to to, you guys! How wonderful. Have a great week. xo

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