Sunday, April 12, 2009

A better day

Yesterday I had a yard sale at the house. We were expecting warmer weather with some sun, after all the rough weather that the Southeast has been experiencing. Instead, it was overcast, windy, and rather cool. Not even a glimpse of sun all day. Not really the best weather to be hanging out in the yard for half the day. But the yard sale went fairly well, and we moved a lot of stuff we had stashed away in the attic, quite well knowing we'd never use it again. Now I have been noticing for a long time that Bilal's mood is very dependent on the weather. Safa was the same when she was a baby. A dull, dreary day makes for a grumpy toddler. Yesterday wasn't an exception. You couldn't do anything all day to get the little guy to stop whining and fussing.

Today the sun is out again, it's warm and very pleasant. And true to his nature, you can describe Bilal the same way. We dropped the older two off at Sunday School this morning, ran to the store to pick up some groceries, and came back home. While I was working in the kitchen Bilal played happily with his tools, not once demanding that the TV be turned on for him. Then we played outside, swinging, sliding, and riding the trike. When it was nap time Bilal came in without a fuss and went into his crib without a squeak. Why can't every day be this easy? I hear there's some more severe weather headed our way next week :(


The Portas said...

I can definitely see the warmth and pleasantness on the sweet Bilal face! I think I'm the same way...gloomy day = gloomy Megan.

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