Monday, February 23, 2009

What a cutie pie!

On a whim this weekend we went down to Mobile to visit Farah, Adeel and Baby Mobeen. We left Saturday after lunch and were back by Sunday dinner time. We hadn't seen them in almost 2 months. Babies change a lot between the ages of 2 and 4 months, and of course Mobeen was no different. I wish we could see him more often, but it's so hard with commitments on both sides.

Adorably cute face. It looks like he poses for the camera!

Safa Baji gets a cuddle too

Bilal, Mobeen and his numerous toys

The elusive Hamza gets caught in a photo too

Googly-eyed Bilal

And now for the exciting news: Safa's ACT scores came in. She scored a composite of 21, which is equivalent to a 55th percentile score nationwide and 64th percentile in Alabama. And that is without any prep except doing the practice test booklet that came in the mail. She performed best in reading and English, up to 89th percentile. Wow, to think you can actually get into college with a 21. And this is in 7th grade. Hopefully by the time she actually is preparing for college she will do better. Safa has qualified for the state level recognition ceremony which is usually at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. She missed the qualifying scores for the grand ceremony at Duke University by only 2 points. But who cares? MA we are so proud of our baby girl! We are praying that the sky is the limit for her.

Tomorrow is Hamza's first 'official' karate class as a junior senpai (instructor), although he has been assisting quite a bit since he was awarded the status. And Safa goes to Samford for another debate meet. The topic is drilling for oil in the Arctic.

Wednesday Safa goes to the Alabama School of Fine Arts to audition for the Math and Science program. The program is very competitive, we know that it is not easy to qualify, so we are fine with whatever happens. If she doesn't make it in there are other options, or she can reapply for 9th grade if she wants. But some positive vibes would be nice anyway.......

Thursday is Safa's field trip to Atlanta, she will visit the World of Coca Cola and the Georgia Aquarium yet again. There isn't anything big scheduled for Friday, but Saturday is her first math tournament. Crazy busy week as usual. But in a good way.


The Portas said...

You have some smart kiddos there. I'm always so impressed with them. 21 for an ACT score for a 7th grader is awesome! Way to go, Safa!

LOoooove the googly-eyed Bilal pic. :) hee heeee

Amyacl said...

So many interesting things going on! You must be so proud of all three of your children. Congrats to Safa and Hamza!

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