Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tools, and trucks, and cars, oh my!

Today started off with some serious auto repair. Bilal spent nearly an hour with his toy Hummer upside down, with all his tools out, trying to find the perfect tool for the job. I tried to entice him with a promise to go to the library, and to go shopping, but he kept saying "Not yet".

So I let him keep at it while I was in and out, cleaning up the kitchen, and whipped out the camera.

Eventually he got tired, so I got him ready and we made a trip to the library to check out some books. This is one thing we have been consistently doing every Tuesday for the past several weeks.

At the library the children's librarian Mrs. Karen recognized him promptly, and hurried us over the see the new addition to the kids' area. Hamza's love of cars and trucks is legendary at the library, sometimes the librarian actually keeps books aside for Bilal. So Bilal had a great time
playing with cars again.

I also trimmed his hair a bit today, not much, but at least it's not growing over his ears, although he still has the thick crop on the top of his head. Still, I think, an improvement.


The Portas said...

Bilal fixing up his Jeep....I love it! I could just hug on him. The new haircut looks nice! It's always good to have the ears free.

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