Sunday, February 15, 2009

An eventful weekend

Saturday started off with a trip to Linn Park for the Mercedes Marathon fun run. Hamza ran his mile despite that the night before he was running a fever and feeling very puny. Saturday morning we were debating whether we should take Hamza for the run. I went upstairs with a thermometer to check on him, and just then he walked out of his room, fully dressed with his race day shirt on. And no more fever. So we all went. This is probably the last year he'll be participating in the fun run.

From Birmingham we drove to Oneonta. Zakir had to make rounds in the hospital so we hung around and I took the kids for lunch. After we picked Zakir up we went to the construction site where our clinic is to be built. The lot has been cleared of all brush and trees, and presently is getting leveled. The kids have never had an opportunity to see construction trucks actually in operation, so close up, so they had a blast.

In the afternoon I took Bilal for a walk, then everyone got out and got some exercise, jumping rope and, in Safa's case, Hula hooping. I don't know how she does it, she can go on for the longest time. I can't even keep the hoop up for a few seconds. She can do it on her waist, ankle, neck and arm with such ease, even two hoops at a time. Quite a talent!

The only sad event this weekend was the unfortunate demise of Blaze, Hamza's betta fish, in a bowl-cleaning accident this morning. It has been a long time since I have seen Hamza cry like he did. I think it was more out of guilt for being careless than actually losing his pet. Quite depressing actually, but Hamza has resolved to get another fish and take better care of it. I believe he will too. So in the next few days Blaze will be replaced.

I did an urgent care shift today, worked 12 noon until 8pm, and saw 45 patients, phew! About 90% of them had some form of respiratory illness or the other. Evidently there's a lot going around. I just hope I haven't brought something home that I can expose the kids to. Tomorrow is work as usual. Where did the weekend go?????


The Portas said...

What a fun, busy weekend! I bet Bilal was in heaven watching the construction vehicles in action.

Oh Blaze...that's too bad. :( Poor Hamza. What a sweet spirit he has to feel so badly.

STAY healthy! Have a good day.xoxo

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