Sunday, February 22, 2009

The coolest video

We went to Mobile this weekend, and I have some cute pics of our nephew Mobeen to share, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow. Today I wanted to share this video that another heart mom had posted on her carepage. It really speaks for itself. The video was made by an Australian singer Mark O'Shea who has Tetralogy of Fallot that was repaired when he was an infant. That is the same heart defect that Bilal had repaired when he was 8 weeks old. Enjoy the video!


Jen said...

I followed a link recently and came across your blog. Thanks for sharing this video! My 19 month old daughter also has TOF and was repaired at 4 months old. I'll have to read more about him. I've enjoyed reading about your son (and family) also.

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