Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mischief again

Zakir and I were cooking dinner this evening when Bilal shot past us and ran into the bedroom, then tried to hide under the bed. This is what I saw:

We were convinced he was hiding contraband, so I tried to coax it out of him. He put both hands in front of his mouth and mumbled. I finally manged to decipher that he was saying "Dum" (gum). He knows how we keep gum away from him, in fact I have forbidden Safa and Hamza from bringing any into the house; Bilal always gets into it and I'm afraid he'll choke. Apparently he found a gumball in the pantry, probably out of somebody's goody bag. I finally manged to convince him to spit it into the trash (the last time I tried to take some out of his mouth he bit me). How does he manage to find all this stuff???

The boys had a cuddly moment when I took Bilal up for bedtime. Out came the handy dandy camera.

And the cuddly moment was over, when Bilal started poking Hamza in the face. It never lasts long.


The Portas said...

Poke, poke, how funny! At least you got a few cuddle pics. How precious!

Gum would freak me out, too. But mmmmm...I remember loving it so much as a child, too. Especially the really sugary good stuff.

Amyacl said...

I love that he tries to run away and hide when he has something he's not supposed to have! Sebastian's like that too - he always gives himself away by calling my attention to whatever he's doing that he shouldn't be. What a cutie that Bilal is!

Unknown said...

How cute! Just love seeing the kids snuggle like that.

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