Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Birthday Month

January is a big birthday month in our family, Zakir's sister Farah's was on the 19th, his brother Zamir's was yesterday and today is Zakir's. I won't divulge his age, but just to say, he's hit a milestone. You wouldn't believe his age if you'd seen him dancing around like a kid this morning after we gave him his birthday present, a new iPod touch. It's not like he was very subtle in letting us know he really wanted one, but I think he was quite surprised we actually got him one. Considering I've been chiding him that with his Blackberry, (relatively) new laptop, XM satellite radio in both cars, and his bluetooth ready sound system he doesn't really need another gadget. He can listen to music on every form of media possible. But, he still wanted an iPod. So that's what he got. I drove around town like crazy on my day off, it was sold out in 3 stores, and I finally found one in, of all places, Sam's Club. Shoulda checked there first!

Safa enters the teen years tomorrow, big milestone for her too. Someone asked me yesterday how old she's going to be, and my reply was, 13 going on 25. She owns more gadgets than I did when I was 30, and she can't understand why I won't let her wear makeup, when all her friends wear it, or got some for Christmas. I keep telling her that her skin is too pretty to hide under makeup, but she's not buying it. Well, it's the truth! Girls would kill to have her skin and complexion. Some day maybe she'll appreciate it more.

It's been a nice and sunny, but windy day today, so we hung out in the back yard after several days of being mostly indoors. The boys played their new favorite game, 'Superheroes', it's really just an excuse to run around like maniacs and shout "pow! pow! pow!"

Not what the swing set was designed for

Definitely not what the swing set was designed for

Bilal's new karate moves


I also feel like moving my arm around a bit more, since I have been taking Motrin on schedule today. Yesterday I felt good and decided to skip an afternoon dose, I was regretting it by the evening. I guess I'm not ready to go 'drug-free' yet. Tomorrow I start physical therapy. I'll probably need some after that too.

Safa is at Samford University today, it's the third or fourth debate meet of the year. She isn't enjoying it as much this year, the team has a new coach, and she isn't as involved as the previous one was, so the team is suffering as a consequence.

This evening Bilal wanted to watch a DVD in my room, after dumping out all his toys on to the floor in the sitting room. I told him he needed to clean up first, and he reluctantly starting putting cars away in his car box. After a couple of toys he tried to run off. His excuse? "I'm too small to clean up." I have no idea where he learned that from. I made him help clean up everything anyhow, I don't care how small he thinks he is! Now he is enjoying his DVD. They've got to learn somehow!

Well, happy birthday to my hubby. I promise I won't tell anyone how old you are, it will be our little secret!


The Portas said...

Zakir is 30!!! :)

Happy birthday to both Zakir and Safa! Milestones all around. And I agree.. SAFA, your skin is beautiful..YOU are beautiful..and you don't need make-up yet.

"I'm too small to clean up." Hilarious! That cracks me up.

I'm glad you're able to move your arm a bit more. I hope the healing continues well...

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