Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where is the snow??!!

I distinctly heard the weather forecast last night, then this morning, and this afternoon again. By now it should be snowing in Birmingham. Temperatures have dropped, but no snow, not even a flurry! We were looking forward to a flake or two to make the weather a bit more interesting, but except the horrendous downpour this morning, nothing.

Safa has weatherbug, a weather program, on her iPod. Yesterday she told me there was a flash flood watch as well as a non-precipitation advisory, both in effect at the same time. Only in Alabama! Although it has been pouring these past 2 days we are still in an area that is experiencing exceptional drought. So I suppose we should take the rain in stride, since it might mean that we'll actually be able to water our lawn, come next spring. For the past 2 summers we have not used the lawn sprinklers a single time, so you can imagine the weed to grass ratio is pretty bad.

Safa is stressing out about her end of semester exams, this is the first year she is taking them, and her whole class is freaked out. On top of that the teachers are stressing because of the upcoming school move. Effective January 8th the middle school will be officially housed in the former High school, which got a new home in October. You can imagine most of these teachers have taught in the same classrooms for many many years, so the move will be quite an adjustment. Plus Safa will probably riding the bus next semester, and she's dreading having to get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning. No more leaving the house at 7:50am and still making it to school by 7:50am (well, a couple of minutes later).

Hamza brought home his STAR test results today. His reading level is up to 12.9. This means that he is reading at the same level a 12th grade student is expected to, right before graduating from high school. The second child in the family to reach this level. Safa was 13.0 in 5th grade, and somehow that was easier to believe, considering the way she plows through books. Hamza just surprised us. Zakir congratulated him, them demanded a recount!


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