Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We're ready for some sunshine

This is what Bilal and I encountered not long before noon today:


Can you tell that there's a gas station only a couple of hundred feet away? You can probably make out the outline, bottom line, it was dull and very, very foggy. Later in the afternoon the fog lifted a bit and temperatures went as high as the upper sixties, but it has still been several days since we've seen a single ray of sunshine. It's so depressing.

What's never depressing, in fact quite the opposite, is the sight and sound of a toddler having fun at bath time:

What a cutie pie!


The Portas said...

Crazy weather everywhere! I love the bath pics. I need to take more of these. Look at that big grin...

Unknown said...

Wow...that sure is crazy weather.

I just love bath pictures too! Bilal is turning into such a big boy.

Amyacl said...

When you're depressed about your weather, remember this: we're expecting up to 12 inches of snow Friday. :-)

What a cutie that Bilal is!

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