Monday, December 15, 2008

So I spoke too soon

I've got to admit, after a rough Saturday Bilal is back to his adorable, funny, rather energetic self. You're right Megan, it is such a blessing that they have the health to do all that. I feel rather guilty about complaining, but it was just one of those crazy days. Sunday turned out to be a wonderful day, and even today Bilal so far has been nothing more than hugable, kissable, and lovable. But I admit, he's still got to take that nap! It makes all the difference in the world.

Safa and I spent a couple of hours last night going over her math and science for her mid-term exams. I'll be relieved when this week is over. I know that she will too! Friday is the last day of the second nine weeks, then the kids don't go back until January 8th. We're making some plans for the five days we have off too, probably a trip to Georgia, although we haven't smoothed out the details. We're hoping that Farah, Adeel and Baby Mobeen will meet us in Birmingham and come with us too. Tonight I'll be booking the hotel and making an itinerary. Other options that we explored were Gatlinburg (too cold), Tampa (too far), and Disney World (too far AND too expensive). I think we'll hold off on the Disney trip until Bilal can stay awake all day without degenerating into a monster.

This morning Zakir's alarm clock went off at 6am as usual. He turned it off and we both fell back asleep. Hamza's alarm went off at 6:20am. He turned it off and went back to sleep. Safa's went off at about 6:40am. She turned it off and fell back asleep. What a morning! Zakir woke up with a start, just in time to wake up Hamza so he could make it to the bus stop on time. One disaster averted. Bilal woke up at 7:20am, and when I went upstairs to pick him out of his crib I realized that Safa was still sleeping. So I woke her up, and she hurried to get dressed. She tried to print some work for school but the printer froze up and refused to cooperate. Grrrrr! So I had to write a note for her to take to school, proof that she had made every attempt to print out her essay checklist and get it signed by a parent. Maybe she'll learn to not leave things for the last minute. Or maybe she'll join the procrastinator's club. Tomorrow.

At least the rest of the day went smoother. I blame our tardiness on the dreary, cold, dull, wet weather we have had today, while the North is enjoying temperatures in the 60s. No fair! I don't know what the forecast is for tomorrow, but we could sure do with a bit of sun. It's been overcast for days.


Unknown said...

Sounds like your one busy mama. Glad you made it through the weekend. :)

The Portas said...

Oh my, don't feel bad for expressing frustration about a tough toddler day! I do it all the time. It IS frustrating sometimes. I'm so glad you had a better days. You probably appreciated it more than usual because of the not-so-good days!

The alarm clock story is hilarious. Hee heee....

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