Monday, December 29, 2008

Our weekend in Georgia

Here is a montage of some photos taken over the past weekend.

And I know someone, somewhere out there has been praying along with us for Bear's safe return, because we got the call from Atlanta today. Bear has been located, and is about to be shipped home via Fed Ex. Only a couple more bedtimes before Bilal and Bear are re-united. Yay!

This morning we heard a hissing sound coming from the wall where our water and sewer pipes come down from the upper story. We suspected a leak, so Zakir conjured up the courage to take a flashlight and get under the house into the crawl space, where he encountered a lot of water. This is the wall that was partially rebuilt when we built the expansion, so we called the same company. First the plumber came out, then he brought the carpenter a few hours later. It turns out that whoever nailed the baseboards onto the wall, hit a nail into one of the copper pipes. After a few months it eroded and started leaking. So now the pipe has been patched, but we can't say the same about the wall. We are waiting for the area to dry up, so it can be patched and repainted. Thankfully it it something that happened during the remodeling, so the construction company is taking care of it, otherwise we could have been looking at very costly repairs!


The Portas said...

First of all, THANK GOD Bear was found! YAYYy! I bet Bilal will be so happy to be reunited.

The pics from your vacation are so fun! I love the cow's head sticking into the car. :)

Amyacl said...

Nothing more fun than leaking plumbing - you know I know that from personal experience! Good thing the construction company will be taking care of that repair.

I'm so glad that Bear is on his way home after his extended vacation! I love a happy ending!

Unknown said...

yaaay! bilal can finally have a peaceful sleep with the cute bear! this calls for a BEAR HUG!:)

The Smith's said...

Hi Mina -

Thank you so much for posting on our blog! I absolutely love connecting with other "heart moms". Bilal is beautiful and it looks like he is healthy and happy! I'm so glad he is doing so well and that you are free from procedures for a while!

We still have about a year and a half until Luke's Fontan ... it is a strange thing to have it out so far, it's definitely always in the back of our minds, although we try and live day to day and just enjoy Luke. Wow, this is quite a "busy" age ... it looks like Bilal is just a couple months older than Luke! God bless you and your family and I will look forward to keeping up with your family!


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