Monday, December 1, 2008

Missing my boy

I wonder what Hamza is doing around about now. Probably not wondering what is going on at home. It was down to 39 degrees at 5:30pm and I'm sure temperatures will get even cooler tonight. He's camping in a cabin, but I still wonder if he'll be warm enough in the sleeping bag he took with him. Maybe we should have got him thermal underwear after all. At least he has a fleece sweatshirt and sweatpants which should keep him warmer than his regular pyjamas. It was snowing a bit this morning, probably around the time he was riding the charter bus to Camp McDowell, and again this evening, which then changed to sleet. It might get icy tonight. Hopefully he's having too much fun to think about getting cold. I'm glad he packed his blankie, he has never slept without it since he was a newborn.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be a bit warmer, and maybe sunny. Hopefully a perfect day for camp.

The house has been eerily quiet this evening. I didn't realize how much more noise there is with the two brothers playing with and sometimes fighting with each other. Bilal asked about Hamza several times today, but now if anyone asks where Hamza is, he just says "Tamp". He seems to understand that his brother will be gone for a couple of days. Anyway, I wish Hamza was allowed to call home, just to tell us that he's fine and he's enjoying himself. But we won't hear from him until he comes back on Wednesday. He was so excited this morning when he left, but he did stop to give me an extra long and tight hug, and that felt great. Will it make up for missing two bed times? Not for Mama.


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