Thursday, December 18, 2008

Aches and pains

I met with the orthopedic surgeon today. I've been having problems with my shoulders, mostly the left one. I saw him a year ago and he told me that I could benefit from surgery, but I told him I wanted to wait until Bilal went to Kindergarten. Well, one year later I think I'm ready to have something done, of course Bilal's not in Kindergarten yet, but waiting another three years? Maybe not. I'm the sort of person who'd rather have a problem fixed than keep taking medications for it. Anyway, my last MRI scan is over 4 years old, so he has recommended another one. The thing that made me anxious was that based on my present symptoms he is more concerned about my neck than my shoulder. Whoa! I don't mind considering an arthroscopic procedure on my shoulder but no one, I mean no one is fooling with my neck! He did make me promise that if my shoulder MRI was stone cold normal (he doubts it), I'd let him evaluate my neck in more detail, but I'm praying that it's all shoulder related.

So I have get an MRI scan on my shoulder, and we'll take things from there. I have had so many MRIs in the past that I can almost fall asleep in the noisy tunnel.

Safa and Hamza are wrapping up school for the holidays. Safa has not had a structured class since her midterm exams on Tuesday. Lockers have been cleared out since the entire school is moving in January, and there is a last minute frenzy for the teachers to pack up their belongings. So no studies are going on. But off to school Safa goes tomorrow too; otherwise it will be an unexcused absence which really doesn't look good on her report card. Hamza had his Christmas party today, and tomorrow there is a dance, but he also has a test, so at least it's worth his while to be in school. We don't have any big vacation plans until the day after Christmas, so the kids will be hanging out with Vicki while Zakir and I work.

Saturday we have our staff and their families coming over for dinner; we decided to get it catered this year so all we have to worry about is making sure the house is clean. With spouses and kids it will be just over 25 people. No other weekend plans, except I'll be working at the hospital too. Sigh.


Amyacl said...

Hope things turn out OK with your shoulder and no neck surgery is necessary! I'm sure everyone is looking forward to a relaxing holiday break.

Unknown said...

I'm praying that your MRI comes back with good news. I had no idea you were dealing with these shoulder issues. I'm sure that is rough with a little one running around.

You know I've been meaning to ask you about something. I'll shoot you an email after I'm done hear.

I'm glad the kids are wrapping things up at schoo. Are they building a new school?

And it feels weird not talking about give him a big hug and kiss from me!

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