Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hamza's back

But he left his voice at camp. All he can get out is a croaky little whisper. My guess is he had way too much fun. Despite the fact that he can barely talk he has been having a great time comparing notes with Safa (she went 2 years ago, and apparently the structure of camp hasn't changed much). They played the same games and learned about the same things. Apparently the furnace went out the first night they were in the cabins (it was 30 degrees outside), so that sleeping bag (and the three pairs of socks he wore) sure came in handy. And you know what? I feel so relaxed now that he is home. I think I'll sleep better tonight.


Anonymous said...

Hi, guys! I didn't realize you had another site besides Carepages. I have enjoyed looking through some of your journals and pictures on this site! It sounds like everybody is doing well...Yeah! I love the pictures of your little "Bob The Builder!" Too cute! Take care.

Heart Hugs,
Dori & Addisyn Scott

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