Sunday, December 28, 2008

A difficult bedtime

The most traumatic thing possible has happen. Bear is missing, that's Bilal's very first stuffed toy, the one he has slept with since he was little. We couldn't find it last night at the hotel, but he didn't realize when he fell asleep in his little makeshift bed. Tonight he knows. We think the housekeeping staff may have accidentally wrapped Bear up in the linens when they were being changed yesterday, but so far they haven't found him. I left a note at the desk when we checked out and called again just a little while ago. No Bear. As I was tucking Bilal in he asked for some milk, so I went downstairs to get it. When I went back up his first words were, "Mama, can't find Bear". So of course I had to tell him that Bear got left at the hotel. After that his cries were heartbreaking. He kept wailing "Wanna go hotel!" I managed to console him by promising to make a phone call to the hotel, which I promptly did. Tomorrow I am going to have to tell him again that we can't find Bear. We originally got Bear when Hamza was 4 months old, in a toy store in London, almost 10 years ago. It's no consolation that Bilal has three other bears in his crib: Baby Blue, Boy and Champ, also a special pillow that Safa made him and of course, Blankie. Maybe we'll be take him shopping to pick out another bear, I hope that works. Any other suggestions, anyone?


Anonymous said...

I'm with Bilal, go back to the hotel!

The Portas said...

Oh, that is so tough. Poor guy, he wants Bear! Any word from the hotel? I hope they can find him. Kids really seem to become attached to certain things... Come home, Bear!!

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