Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another busy Tuesday

Our morning conversation:

Mama: What would you like for breakfast? (except I asked this in Urdu)

Bilal: Make me hot dod pwease (obviously in English)

Mama: Hot dog isn't breakfast food, what else would you like? (In Urdu)

Bilal: Beans?

Mama: Um, how about we do that for lunch and I give you something else now? (Urdu again)

Bilal: Otay.

He ended up having milk and a scrambled egg.

We've had a full morning. First I had to call the Express Oil change folks. Thursday I had my oil changed and through Friday the oil pressure indicator light kept intermittently going on. So I took the car back, they looked it over, checked the level and couldn't find anything wrong. Anyway, they replaced the oil filter again and I drove it home. That had seemed to do the trick, or so I thought. I didn't drive it over the weekend and Monday it wouldn't start. Zakir felt confident it wasn't the battery (he didn't try to jump it, but some indicator thingy was on green, so that was good). So this morning they came out to see if they had disconnected or loosened some wire while servicing the car last week. Turns out, it WAS the battery. So the nice guy who came to check out the car at our house, left his truck here, went and bought a battery and returned the car after replacing it. What great service!

Well Bilal and I hung out in the yard, it was in the mid 60s, so we didn't even need jackets. After the car was taken care of I took him to the library, and renewed our missing DVD for yet another week. That's 4 weeks we've had the DVD checked out, and 2 weeks for it to be MIA. Every time I try to pay the fine the librarian offers to renew it for another week, and I accept the offer. She really doesn't want to take my $25 that I will owe the library next Tuesday again, by which time I am convinced we still won't be able to find it. Our little toddler has hidden it in some very obscure place! We even went through the trash before taking it out (stinky!), and it wasn't there.

Later we went for Bilal's way overdue haircut. Amidst many tears, getting up from the booster seat a few times and refusing to sit still we managed to get his hair cut. Now we can't tie it in a ponytail anymore, so Safa won't be able to play 'baby sister' with him. The sad thing was that they were out of lollipops, which was the one lure that made the haircut possible. And my emergency stash in the diaper bag was finished too, so I promised to take him to Walmart to get a 'yoyyipop'. We walked across to the other end of the mall to visit the pet store, made a trip next door to Kohl's to buy Bilal some 'big boy underwear' and ran into Walmart to pick up the candy and some Pediasure. After a quick lunch he was very happy to take a nap, and I must have really worn him out, because he is still asleep, more than 3 hours later! I wonder if the Bob the Builder underwear will be a good enough incetive for potty training?

Hamza's participating in the Dojo's leadership training program. On completion he will be certified as a junior instructor and officially be able to help teach karate classes. Safa wanted to do it too, but then she decided she had a bit too much going on to add another activity. I agree wholeheartedly with her decision not to participate this time. Right now the biggest challenge is to get Hamza to memorize the pledge he is supposed to know by Friday. Not much progress yet!


Amyacl said...

I love that Bilal can listen to you in one language and answer you in another - it's amazing how easily their little brains take it all in! Glad to hear that everyone is keeping busy, as usual!

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