Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You can't reason with a two year old

I have another toddler story to share:

Hamza asked me to come and eat lunch with him today, he eats in the lunchroom at 11:45am. I figured that by next year when he is in middle school my ten year old is probably not going to want to admit I exist, let alone ask me to eat lunch with him. So I thought we should make a special effort to go. I packed Bilal's lunch and started to put a jacket on him, since it's a bit cool outside today. Well, he didn't want to wear the jacket, so he threw a tantrum. It took me about ten minutes, but I finally coaxed him to put it on. (OK, I admit I bribed him with some candy. Heck, we were running late, desperate times call for desperate measures!) Anyway, once the jacket was on he asked for his candy, so I pulled a small lollipop out of the jar and handed it to him on the way out the door. Well, when he took the wrapper off there was a little hole in the side of the lollipop, probably where an air bubble had formed when the candy was being processed in the mold. Here it goes: he shows me the hole and then has another tantrum. "Dat woyipop boten, I want udder woyipop!" (That lollipop's broken, I want another lollipop). I can't imagine how a 26 month old toddler can figure that out. He's evidently smarter than we estimated!

Anyway, by then we were really late, and I was contemplating not taking Bilal to the school, but we headed there anyway. Incidentally he handed me the defective candy, which is still lying in a cup hold in the car. Talk about being stubborn, he didn't even eat his candy!

We made it to the lunchroom a little after 11:55 with only about 5 minutes of lunch to spare. Hamza pulled up a chair and I took out Bilal's lunch. But of course he wanted his brother's lunch. Poor Hamza would have probably let him have the whole thing too, but that's not fair, so I let him share a bit of corn and gave it back to Hamza. A third tantrum! So while Hamza went outside to play I picked Bilal up kicking and screaming, and put him in the car.

After coming home and eating lunch we went upstairs to read. We were less than half way through Bilal's favorite storybook when he asked to go in his crib. Evidently the tantrums wore him out. Now he is taking a much needed nap.

Look at that cute little face. Can you even imagine that he could ever get into trouble?


The Portas said...

We are on the beginning curve of this wonderful tantrum trend. I look forward to multiple tantrums within a short timeframe. Ok, maybe not. Well it sounds like you deal with it as best you can. Hang in there, Mama. ooxox

Tina:0) said...

By the looks of that picture, I imagine that he could get into ALL KINDS of trouble:0)! I think its a boy thing (although my girls do a pretty good job of getting into it themselves! - lol)

Hope he had a good nap!

Amyacl said...

Look at that face! It's amazing how quickly they can go from smiling to tantrum and back again... Glad you made it for a little of lunch, anyway!

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