Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Three seconds of internet fame

Safa's class is participating in a project called Letters to the Next President and these letters on various topics will be published on this website within the next few days. The Birmingham News came to interview the class on this project, and Safa was one of the four students selected to be interviewed. She didn't get mentioned in the print version of the article, but she had her three seconds of internet fame on the online video that was posted about the project. I thought I'd share it with everyone, even though it's just a blurb.

Letters 2 The President

I'll share the link as soon as Safa's letter is up on the website. Her topic of choice was the benefits of having a day without driving. It's so cool that the school is using practical ways to get the kids interested in Civics, although this is actually an English project.

Lately we have the music to Schoolhouse Rock booming in our kitchen all the time, thanks to the fifth grade drama club. That's what they'll be performing this year, and Hamza has been working hard to familiarize himself with the music. He hasn't been assigned a part yet, but he's been eagerly auditioning for different roles. I don't think I've ever actually seen him dance since he was little, so this is going to be fun to watch!

We got our new car yesterday, and so far the kids love it. It's nice but I do feel rather bad about trading in the 'X for a people mover. Today Safa remarked, "Mama, now our car looks like any other car on the road". I guess everyone is driving minivans! I really am going to miss the MDX. The Sienna isn't much bigger than that was, but for some reason today I even had a hard time parking it in the garage when Zakir's car was in its usual spot on the driveway. It's going to take some getting used to. I'll share some pics tomorrow.


The Portas said...

Aaawww, Safa has such a sweet voice. I loved the little blurb! Way to to, Safa!

Looking forward to seeing pics of the new minivan. :) oxox

Amyacl said...

We LOVE Schoolhouse Rock! That will be a fun show to see.

I bet you all would have a lot of fun in New England. There is lots to see and do - just come in the summer unless you want to do some skiing! Let us know if your travel plans ever bring you up this way. It would be fun to meet in the "real" world!

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