Monday, October 13, 2008

A Pump it Up party

Yesterday I took the kids to Pump it Up for Saim's birthday party. Safa and Hamza love those inflatable sides, but Bilal is still leery. It took him about an hour to take his shoes of. He was happier playing with a balloon and in the Little Tikes cars, but you can't say he didn't enjoy himself. Here's a little video of Bilal entertaining himself.

And eating cake:

Adeela, me, Rabiya, Mehreen and Saema. The only way we can all get together is at one of our kids' birthday parties!

After the party we dropped Safa off at a friend's house for another birthday party. Between rounding in the hospital, Sunday School and all these parties either Zakir or I were on the road for most of the day, shuttling back and forth.

It was back to work for us today, but the kids had a long weekend for Fall Break, so Vicki stayed with them at home today. I have been working for more than a week straight (except for my last Tuesday off), so here I am already looking forward to the weekend, which is still 5 days away. I am so glad we have no call for the next three weekends. We plan to invite some friends for a barbecue next Saturday, and then maybe visit Mobile the weekend after that. No down time, what a busy life we live!


Unknown said...

Looks like you all had a great time at the party. Thanks for sharing the pictures and videos!

The Portas said...

Busy busy! I hope you have some fun these next few no-on-call weekends.

I love the party pics. Looks like Bilal entertains himself very well. And he eats like such a big boy, too! He could maybe come teach Elijah how to properly use silverware. All E does is scoop it into his mouth with his hand. :)

Unknown said...

You were the second one today to mention allergies. Arianna has a high IgE level which tells us she is more prone to allergies but we don't know what she is allergic to. They did diagnos her with asthma this year as well. Maybe between her already normal puffy eyes in the morning and some allergies is what made her look worse. She doesn't look as bad today so I'm not going to call her cardiologist just yet. She is doing great otherwise and since your a doctor and you too mentioned allergies I'm not as worried.

Thanks Friend!


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