Monday, October 20, 2008

Our weekend update

We had about 30 people over for a barbecue lunch on Saturday. With guests of course, comes the pre- house cleaning and the post- house cleaning, but it was worth it, we had a great time. After a rainy, dreary Friday the weather was perfect on Saturday for the kids to play outdoors, so they all hung out in the backyard. Perfect grilling weather too!

Bilal's new toy, a rubber mallet. Don't ask me, Zakir approved its use. Makes me nervous

Look at that shaggy hair. I think he's due for a another haircut soon

Sunday started off slower with kids mostly hanging out with their friends, but ended with a bit of excitement. We have been talking about trading in our MDX for a minivan for a while now, but keep changing our mind. Despite being more than eight years old and having nearly 130,000 miles on the car it still drives great. But we do run out of space once in a while, and frankly Safa and Hamza are both getting sick of Bilal reaching over from his car seat and whacking them with whatever he has in his hand. A minivan would mean more space, less riots (we hope). The negative side of course is that when we are all together one child will always be alone in the back. So we discussed this with the older kids, and they agreed that a compromise can be struck. We have decided on a Toyota Sienna, and found one on the internet. It is a very low mileage 2008 car, probably wiser than buying a brand new model. We went down to Hoover to reserve it, and it should be delivered within the next week. We will miss the 'X, and it will feel weird to drive a minivan (not a very sexy car), but the positive side is having more room and finally owning a car that doesn't demand premium gas.


The Portas said...

New cars are so exciting! I hope you enjoy your new wheels. The kids will love all the space.

30 people over for a bbq, wow! That is quite the crowd. Sounds like lots of fun! oxoxo

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