Friday, October 3, 2008

Girls' Night Out

Yesterday Mehreen suggested we go out to eat, just four of us friends, just on a whim. Those of you who are parents of young children must know that spontaneity just isn't a part of our lives. Well, surprisingly last night worked out great. Zakir was gracious enough to keep Bilal, so the four of us, and Mehreen's sweet little baby girl Aaliya went to PF Changs for dinner. Thankfully Bilal obliged us all by going to sleep without a fuss, even though Mama wasn't home. So while Zakir sat at home and watched the VP debate, we drove to Barnes and Noble nearby, to pick up some coffee and desserts (decaf for me, of course). It's been a long time since we had so much fun. Mehreen is leaving for a 2 and 1/2 month trip in a few days, and we haven't got to see Ayesha much at all because of her daughter Khadija being sick, so there was a lot to catch up on. The families are meeting up one more time tonight at Adeela's house for dinner, then it will be a while before we can all get together.

There is so much going on this weekend, starting with the ASFA open house Saturday morning, then a community dinner tomorrow evening. Sunday there are two prospective picnics that we want to go to, and this is the weekend of the Homestead Hollow Harvest Festival but I doubt we're going to be able to squeeze in all these activities! We'll just have to prioritize. Zakir's on call too, so he'll be making rounds at the hospital every morning.


Krista said... are busy busy people! Glad you got a girl's night out...a very needed necessity in life! Hope you get to relax a little this weekend

Amyacl said...

What a treat to get a spontaneous evening out with friends! Sounds like you had a great time and have lots of fun things to look forward to!

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