Sunday, October 5, 2008

Friday afternoon

Even with the trauma of my car being broken in to yesterday the weekend hasn't been all bad. I got to babysit Amanda's little doll on Friday for a few hours while she and her husband went out for lunch and a movie. She fussed a bit when they left her, and for the rest of the time was all smiles. She didn't even nap for the 4 hours I had her, so we got to play tons. But on cue, barely one minute before her mom and dad walked in to pick her up she started to cry. Hmm, just makes me look bad! But aha, I had proof of how happy she had been while they were gone. Janelle had a great time posing for the camera while we played, and she particularly loved the flash going off in her face!

Isn't she such a cutie? I can't wait until we get to have another playdate!

Now it's time to wake up our sleeping baby, I'm taking the kids to a picnic at Oak Mountain State Park. Lately Bilal has been skipping more naps (groan!) and being a particularly trying two year old, so I'm not looking forward to cutting his nap short today, but I'm sure we'll all have fun at the picnic. We don't want to leave too late!


The Portas said...

What an absolutely CUTE baby girl!

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