Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aaargh, math!

Safa and I just got over another somewhat tense session with Pre-algebra. She came home with another not-so-great grade in her most recent math test. We sat down together, and she solved all the previously incorrect questions correctly without any help! Now why couldn't she do it during her test???!!! For some reason she has this mental block every time she takes a math test, it's almost like she convinces herself that she can't do well. If you don't know something you can learn it, or it can be taught with some help. But what do you do when you know the concepts but just freeze up in the middle of a test, or subtract 9 from 48 and write the answer as 37 instead of 39? It gets frustrating because I know she can do it, but she's the only one that can convince herself that she can too. She has just joined the Math team, maybe that will give her the confidence she lacks. I know it's another extracurricular activity, and she's already got a lot going on, but it's a choice she made herself; she is already thinking about her future and what educational prospects she might have next year onwards.


The Portas said...

That's how I am about public speaking. I freeze up! I still haven't figured out how to get past it, so if you find a trick, let me know!

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