Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Whazzat, mama?"

Bilal asked me this question while I was preparing the sauce for my homemade chicken wings. The answer was, "Mustard". Bilal, of course wanted to try some, so I let him taste a bit off my finger. He made a funny face and ran away. Surprisingly, he came back within a couple of minutes and asked for more, so I let him lick the measuring spoons before I popped them in the sink. Who would have thought Bilal would like mustard, of all things?

This evening he went with us to Safa's guitar lesson. Last time he was there I couldn't him away from Jeff's expensive musical instruments. But Zakir came home late so I had to take the risk and take Bilal. Surprisingly he was very well-behaved; he spent most of the time petting Jeff's very tolerant dog Lela.

I really wish he was this cooperative all of the time, or even most of the time!

So it's been decided. I'll be traveling with Safa to Philadelphia on her school field trip next Spring, while Zakir keeps Bilal and Hamza at home. I just mailed off the registration forms today. We are looking forward to what hopefully will be an educational trip, with a little bit of girly time squeezed in if possible.


The Portas said...

How fun that you'll get to go on Safa's trip with her! That's great. And wow, I'm impressed that Bilal likes mustard.

To answer your question about E's red bumps....No, they don't bother him. He shows no sign that they are even there. We haven't changed any detergents or anything. They just look like mosquito bites and they come in clusters of maybe two or three bumps. I'm thinking it has to be an allergic reaction to something???? Who knows.

Have a good weekend! xxoxoo

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