Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a fun day!

This morning I got Bilal dressed, planning to take him for a walk around the neighborhood. He, on the other hand wanted to see an excavator. Since there isn't any construction going on in our area I took him for a drive instead.

I knew it was going to be a cool trip when we got stuck behind a garbage truck. Well, we didn't really get stuck behind it, we could have easily passed it, but it was more fun watching the claws of the truck pick up and dump out the trash. We stayed behind the truck all the way down the street. Bilal had a blast!

The Truck

The happy baby

After being entertained by the garbage truck we went to Books a Million to browse and buy some books. How can that store not be fun? On the way there we had passed a construction site, so on the way back we stopped there for a closer look. Those excavators, cement mixers, backhoes and bulldozers were cool. Bilal waved at all the construction workers, and was so excited when some of them actually waved back. He calls them 'wottin men' (working men).

We stopped off at a moms and babies group for a little while to say hi to some of our friends, and I had to chase Bilal around the parking lot to coax him back into the car. He saw a playground in the distance, so obviously he wanted to go to the park. Hey, why not? We drove to the park where he had to go down each slide at least once, and swing on each swing too.

Walking across the bridge rather cautiously

A little more confident now, and having fun


Rocking on the bouncy car

We came back home, tanked up on fish sticks, and Bilal gave me a lesson in applying makeup.

(Actually he just had fun tickling me and himself with the make-up brush he sneaked out from the bathroom.)

We watched a bit of the Curious George movie, and mama decided it was time for Bilal to take a nap. There was a two minute protest, but as soon as he made up his mind which toy construction truck he wanted to take into the crib, he was a happy camper. Today he picked the orange Tonka bulldozer.

I've promised him that we'll play more once he has a tiny nap (ahem, hopefully his usual 2.5-3 hours), so I'd better get up and clean the kitchen, to free up the rest of my day for the kids. No nap for me!


The Portas said...

Oh! What a fun day! Some good bonding time with your baby...

I have a feeling we'll be chasing garbage trucks and excavators soon, too. Elijah is thoroughly fascinated by anything with wheels. What boys we have! I love it. xoxo

Amyacl said...

What a fun-sounding day! Can Sebastian and I come next time? He was so excited by the recycling truck this morning that he had to stop in the middle of breakfast to go see it, so I think he would have loved all the things you and Bilal did! Tell Bilal that we also saw a hydro-rake today, which even I thought was pretty cool.

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