Friday, September 19, 2008

Playing outside, and a visit to the clinic

Yesterday the kids were playing outside while I was cooking supper. I heard the doorbell ring so I opened the door, figuring that it was Hamza goofing off as usual. This is what I saw:

Bilal had brought an old step stool all the way from the back of the house, carried it up several steps and stood on it to reach the bell, while Safa and Hamza played hula hoop on the driveway nearby. He's really getting very resourceful!

Today started off with a trip to our local walk-in/urgent care clinic. Yesterday evening Safa fell on to her outstretched hand while jumping on a neighbor's trampoline. Personally I think trampolines cause way too many injuries. Well, her right thumb instantly swelled up and turned a ghastly shade of blue. She was reluctant to move it so, being a bit concerned about the possibility of a fracture I took her to the urgent care clinic. We got there yesterday about 20 minutes after the clinic had closed. So on to Plan B. We drove to CVS and picked up a thumb immobilizing splint which, along with some Motrin, helped her sleep comfortably through the night. This morning it still looked a bit funky, so we went back to the urgent care to get it x-rayed. Thankfully it's not broken, just a bad sprain. so she'll be wearing the splint for most of the time this week, then take it off and start some range of motion exercises. I checked her back in to school during second period so she could complete the rest of her day.

Bilal and I had a relatively quiet day; for a start we went to Sam's to buy gas, since the car was pretty much running on fumes. Well, that gas station was out of both regular and premium, so we tried another one. The second one was out of premium (all three cars take premium, darn it), so I started to panic a bit. Finally I found a gas station across the street that still had a supply, and spent an obnoxious amount of money filling the tank, I think the most I've ever paid. Ouch for price gouging!

With a fuller tank and a lighter wallet, Bilal and I went home and played with letters. I have bought a tub of magnetic letters, and with Vicki's help, he is starting to learn to identify some. He loves to play with them. Today we worked a bit on the letter 'A'. Then we played outside, thankfully it isn't intolerably hot around midday any more, so we were able to swing and play on the slide until lunchtime.

Sammy pretending to be a tiger in the jungle

In the evening we went to the Home and Garden show, and got some interesting ideas for next year's project, building a patio in the back yard. We ate out and after we got back Safa went to a friend's birthday party. It's actually a 'spend the night' party, but Safa will be spending the night at home, we'll just let her stay until late.

Zakir's working tomorrow, so we won't be straying far from home, we'll probably do some shopping at the nearby mall. Not much else planned for the weekend, except dinner at the mosque again tomorrow night.


The Portas said...

Sounds a nice relaxing weekend you have in store. Sorry to hear about Safa's finger injury. I remember seeing a few injuries happen on my friend's trampoline when I was younger. Those things are just an accident waiting to happen. And I love how resourceful Bilal is! Dragging the little ladder all the way around the house, so cute. :)

I hope you're having a good bonding weekend together. Sending you guys hugs. xoox

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