Thursday, September 4, 2008

Playing hooky

Today was quite productive. I took the day off work to accomplish as many tasks as I could while Bilal was home with Vicki. I spent a couple of hours volunteering at Hamza's school, then headed to the Mall for a long awaited haircut. OK, I was really brave, and had more than 8 inches of hair chopped off. I'm happy with the end results, for now at least. Maybe I'll ask the kids to take a picture so I can save it for posterity.

Vicki walked Bilal down to the library today for story-time, it's every Thursday. Bummer that's something I probably won't get to do with him. Also the playgroup they have joined meets on Mondays and Thursdays, both are days that I usually work. Hamza needed to check out a book for the library's 'Chips and Chapters' book club which will be meeting once a month, so we went back in the evening. The children's librarian said that they get to eat all the chips and cookies they want during the book club, so of course Hamza's all for it!
School is in full swing, so far Hamza has got through 3 weeks with no conduct checks, woohoo! He has joined the drama club so he'll stay late once a week starting October. The drama club takes a trip to NYC every year, and among other things the kids get to watch Broadway, on Broadway. I don't know if he'll get to go though, it depends on what field trip GaTE (the Gifted and Talented Education Program) has planned this year. Two big trips in one school year would be impossible. Safa is busy with homework and the yearbook committee, so as usual she's got her hands full.

It is getting a bit cooler in the evenings, well it's all relative. Today it was a balmy 86 degress at 5:30pm, so I took Bilal out on his trike while Hamza rode his bike. He can almost pedal his trike by himself now, he has the concept, he just has to push a bit harder on the pedals.
I guess Bilal was tired by the time we came in, he just laid down on Sammy's bed and wanted to veg out while watching Bob the Builder.

I decided I'd cooked enough this week, so we had Chinese take-out for dinner. There's something about that food, I'm starting to feel sleepy already. The kids are tucked in so it's time for an early night.


The Portas said...

We want to see pics of the new haircut!!

Great pics, and great update. Your kids all seem so well-rounded. What a nice little family you are.

The school trips for Hamza sound fun! What an exciting year it will be.

Take care, have a great weekend..xoxo

Amyacl said...

I LOVE Bilal's T shirt! Where did you get it??

I agree - we want to see pics of the new haircut! I remember how nerve-wracking it was when I got that much chopped off a few years ago, but it's so much easier than you get used to it quickly!

Unknown said...

Definintly want to see your new haircut.

I love the pics as usual. I just got back from a quick 10 minute bike ride with Arianna. It is just way to hot outside still.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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