Saturday, September 6, 2008

In front of the camera

It's rare that I get pictures taken, even more rare that I post any on the blog, it's all about my family. This time, on request, I decided to go ahead and post some.

Me and my baby boy

Bilal's new toy...... my bob

After we came back from grocery shopping this morning we were unloading the car. Bilal ran under the deck and wouldn't come out. Guess what he was doing? If you're the mom of a toddler you probably guessed it, he was pooping! Then of course he was in complete denial, and ran off saying, "No poop! no poop!" Why do kids hide in the most obscure places to poop? Maybe it's their version of privacy. Man, I really need to start working harder on the whole potty training thing.


Now I know I shouldn't brag so much, but aw, I will anyway! Safa has been invited to participate in the Duke University 7th grade Talent Search. She got invited based on scoring at least the 95th percentile on either her math, verbal or composite score SATs in 6th grade. She in fact made 98, 99 and 98. What does this mean? She'll be taking either the college entrance SATs or ACTs in February. After some research she has decided on the ACTs. We're so proud of her and excited to see how she will do. If she obtains a qualifying score she will have the opportunity to participate in some of the national or international programs that the university offers. Of course even if she doesn't make a qualifying grade it will be such a good opportunity to get a head start on learning what applying for college will be like. Plus it's always a good thing to put it on your resume.


Unknown said...

How funny...Arianna is doing the same thing. She will hide behind chairs, walls, and when I ask if she is poop she just runs away. Looks like we need to start working on the potty training again.

Thank you so much for your message. I'm feeling alot better. About Arianna's t-cell counts...yes she is good but it's not her immune system that is the problem. Her lungs are what is causing all the concern. I don't have defininte answers but they don't want her to keep catching respiratory infections. They are optomisitic that she will get better over the next several years because her body is creating new lung tissue, but with every cold it makes as a set back.

Gotta run...cranky toddler on my leg

Tina:0) said...

Now see, Vaeh doesn't hide at all. She stands right in the middle of the living room & gets her 'face'. When you ask her if she pooped - she shakes her head 'yes.' No problems with admitting it for her!

Okay, the ACT in 7th GRADE?!?! What a smart cookie you have! Good luck, Safa!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Amyacl said...

Very cute haircut! Looking at these pictures made me consider cutting mine, but Sebastian still pulls it so much that I need to be able to put it up so he can't grab it. (Although if it were shorter, maybe he wouldn't be able to grab it... hmmm.)

Congrats to Safa! That girl is definitely going places - you have every reason to be proud of her!

The Portas said...

I didn't know about the pooping thing! Hmmmmm, guess that will be coming up for us.

Wow, Safa is such a smart girl! What a great opportunity for her.

Your hair looks great! Such a pretty mama...xoxoxo

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