Tuesday, September 2, 2008

He did it again!

Bilal got a lipstick out of the bathroom drawer. You've got to admit, he's getting more precise in applying the stuff!

Can you tell how proud he is of himself?

Yesterday he hid behind the sofa while I was cooking supper. Zakir asked "Bilal, are you OK?" His response was a whispered "Yes". I knew that couldn't be good, so I came out of the kitchen, and leaned over the sofa, to find him squirting hand soap out of a pump bottle, and using an entire travel size box of baby wipes to 'clean the sofa'. When he's quiet, and not in his crib you have to know that's trouble. He is getting too dextrous with those doorknobs!


The Portas said...

He is definitely in an exploring stage, isn't he?? The motives are cute, even though the clean-up probably isn't so cute. :)

LOVE the pics...heee heee!!


Amyacl said...

I hate to say this, but he does a better job with the lipstick than I do sometimes, particularly if I don't have a mirror... :-) It was thoughtful of him to clean the couch for you - I love how their little minds work!

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