Saturday, September 20, 2008


Bilal got his much needed haircut, and not in the kitchen sink. Baba needed a haircut, so he went first. It took about 10 minutes to coax Bilal up into the booster and another 5 or 10 for me to put a cape on him. Of course we had to bribe him with a lollipop, which he wanted before the haircut. We compromised by letting him hold it under the cape. The stylist evidently had a lot of experience with squirmy, reluctant toddlers; I have never seen anyone cut hair so fast! Granted it's not the neatest haircut he could have got, but under the circumstances I think it's OK. As long as he has gotten over the inhibition of someone cutting his hair maybe it will be easier (and neater) next time. Here are some pictures of the process, you can see from his expression how he seems to relax a bit more with time.

Still not quite sure

Starting to use the clippers

A lot more comfortable now

After getting a haircut we all went to the pet store, just for a look. The cat the kids had wanted is still there, poor thing. I was hoping she'd have found a home by now. Anyway, now they want fish! Granted, much lower maintenance than another cat, but still requiring some care. Zakir instantly started looking at the huge tanks, nu uh! I can see myself solely responsible for cleaning a fish tank and changing filters. Plus where would we put one? So now they've decided they each want a betta, which you can keep in a bowl, and they don't need a filter. Hmm, I'm still not keen on another pet, especially one you can't pet or cuddle. But Zakir is now also interested. So I threw my hands up in the air and told them they can each get one in a small container, as long as my responsibility is 0%. Not only do they have to clean the bowl, change the water and feed them, they also have to protect them from two cats. Yup, that's going to last long! At least there's not a huge up front expense, and they will be buying their own. It's worked with the cameras, they are taking good care of those (since they paid for them). So they have done their research, and by tomorrow we might actually be the proud owners of two cats and two fish. What a combination!

Zakir's just been called to the hospital for a critically ill patient, so we won't be going to the mosque after all. I'll probably just take the kids somewhere nearby for supper. Safa and Hamza have both been fasting all day, so they deserve it.


The Watson Family said...

You look very handsome with that new haircut! What a trooper you were !
Thanks for sharing.

Love & Hugs,
Nicole Watson

Pam said...

Love the haircut. Don't they just make them look so grownup?
We are proud owners of a Beta fish. His name is blueberry and my 6 year old feeds it but mommy gets to clean the bowl and treat the new water. Madison decided she wanted to get into the action so she fed Blueberry the whole container of food! Needless to say we had to do some fast scrambling or the fish would have suffocated under that layer of food. No pet is easy!
Have fun.
Pam and Madison

The Portas said...

What a big boy, getting his hair cut with no body thrashing and back arching, like we get to experience with our little one. I wish hair cuts weren't so traumatic for kids. Especially since Elijah's hair seems to grow at the rate of 1 inch per week! Bilal, GREAT job sitting still and getting that done. You deserved that lollipop.

The fishy compromise sounds like a good one. 0% responsibility for Mama! That would be my deal, too. :) I hope you all are having a great start to your week..xoxoxo

Amyacl said...

Look at that handsome boy! After this, the next haircut should be a breeze!

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