Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catching up

Ouch, it's been several days since I've posted on the blog, I've been trying to catch up on some much needed sleep and work, a bit unsuccessfully for thr former, a little better for the latter. Getting up early to start our fast is taking a bit of a toll on me, it's virtually impossible to fall asleep after 4:30am. but it's just for another 13 days, we're more than half way through the month.

Monday was a long work day, I had to stay back for a meeting and didn't get home until 9pm. Zakir came home early to be with the kids. when I came home Bilal had been in his crib for about 45 moniutes, but was still awake, evidently waiting for me. On goes the mommy hat. I went upstairs, took him out of the crib, rocked with him for a few minutes, kissed him goodnight and down he went. Gotta admit it feels good for him to need me like that, but it is rather inconvenient at times. That night he was up at 2am, and then again at 3am. That's what the slightest change in routine does to my little (otherwise) sleeping champ.

Tuesday was spent running errands as usual, but Bilal and I managed to get some good quality time in between everything that needed to be done. I also bought him a new pair of shoes. He has been wearing the same pair of sandals almost all summer, and has the tan lines on his feet to show it. He was wearing a size 6 pair of sneakers at the start of the summer. Well, you couldn't force them on to his feet now. His feet have grown a whopping 2 and 1/2 sizes in the past 2-3 months. He is now wearing a cute pair of size 8.5 sneakers. When we came home he test drove them on the driveway for a while.

Can you hear what he's saying at the end of the video? Some day he'll hate me for this one. He's actually saying "My nappy (diaper) falling off!" Well, we had to run and fix it in a hurry, them came back outside to play again.

The weather has finally taken a turn for the better. These past two days we have had temperatures in the low 60s in the morning, and not quite hitting 80 degrees during the day. Plus it's less humid. Signs that fall may soon be coming. Hmm, about time.

Safa and Hamza are sniffly. I think it's allergies. Everything itches these days........ throats, ears, eyes and noses. With milder weather come allergies. Ragweed is usually the culprit here in Alabama. But as Zakir astutely put it yesterday, it's good for business (if you're a doctor). all of a sudden we've had s urge of people wit respiratory infections, sinus infections and bronchitis. I just hope we don't bring it home to the kids.


Unknown said...

That is the only thing I don't like aboug going to the hospital so much for our group...I'm always worried I'll bring something home. And with RSV season coming I'm a little nervous.

I love the video! I could tell exactly what he said the first time. He sure is a good talker.

Hope the kids are just dealing with allergies. Try to get some rest...I know I should probably be doing that right now. :)

Take care,


The Portas said...

He IS a good talker! And he is just 2, right? Wow! I'm impressed. And the shoe again! He's a growing boy.

I hope you're enjoying the cooler weather. I always love the crispness of fall after a hot summer. I just wish it lasted longer than a few weeks here in MN where the winters seem to take over way too quickly.

Snuggle those kids for me and have a great day! xoxox

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