Thursday, August 14, 2008

The results are in

Well, my poll has closed and here are the results: 45% in favor of a cat, 15% for a dog and 40% for no more pets. But I learned that the poll has been compromised!! Safa emailed her friends, only her cat-loving friends, asking them to vote for a cat. Since those friends are not regular readers of the blog I have no choice but to veto. Although the kids still beg me almost everyday, we have decided on no more animals. Maybe we'll re-visit the issue in a couple more years, but for now we will remain the proud owners (or servants!) of two adult cats, Sammy and Tiny. Sorry, kiddos!


Unknown said...

Kids will be kids! LOL!

I forgot to tell you if you wanted to get updates on our blog just scroll down and there is a place you can put your email in and it will update you. I think its some RSS thing...can't remember right now. Hope it works!

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