Sunday, August 3, 2008

Money well spent

So Hamza earned a big chunk of change for scanning big binders full of papers for Zakir, and Safa, our frugal one already had some money saved up for herself. Add that to the gift she got for finishing the Quran, she had a good bit saved up. How did they spend it? They both bought very nice cameras, actually upgraded versions of our little Canon. And Safa had enough to buy the cell phone that she had been looking at. Have to admit, that's a lot better than buying toys and games. All I hope is that Hamza doesn't get the urge to open up his camera to see what it looks like inside. Things like that have happened in our house before, and it's no fun when you can't put them back together again. I hope they enjoy their new gadgets; since they earned them, and weren't 'given' them, maybe they will appreciate them more, and take better care.

Yesterday was the intramural karate tournament, and both kids won medals in the events they participated in. I missed it all, of course because it's my weekend to work again, woo hoo! Anyway, it's not been too busy in the hospital; it could have been a lot worse.

Next weekend is the last one we have free before the kids start school. We are hoping to lure Farah and Adeel up here, or we might end up going down to Mobile. The sunroom did not get completely finished Friday as we had hoped, but Monday should be THE DAY. All we have left is an hour or two of flooring, a bit of the steps outside and one ceiling light to install. After that the painters will do a bit of touch up work and we should have our house back to ourselves, yay! The city will come to inspect the work on Monday or Tuesday. Right now there is still dust from the floors all over the house. But I can't wait, I have to share some photos now. The room looks huge compared to the tiny sunroom we had before. I look forward to having our friends over again; we've had to put it off for quite a while.

A view from inside the room. The doorway you can see used to be a window opening on to the deck. Now there are two entryways into the kitchen. Ideally we wanted the entire wall to be knocked down, but that would have involved re-routing all the water pipes that go to the upstairs bathrooms, a project way bigger than we were willing to commit to. The paint color is called 'interactive cream', it's a subtle creamy beige.

Detail of the beadboard ceiling that we had stained. There is one skylight on either side of the vaulted ceiling. Definitely enough light!

Furniture is on schedule to be delivered Tuesday afternoon. We didn't go with outdoor furniture as we were initially planning, but I think it will look good in the room. Can you tell I'm excited??!!


Tina:0) said...

What a beautiful room! When's the party?! I think something would be wrong in the universe if a project was finished on time! lol

Hope you enjoy your new space!

The Portas said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL! Yes, I'm inviting myself over for a party! :)

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