Friday, August 22, 2008

In a million words or less......

....... describe your child.

This was my homework for the week. The kids start school and the parents get homework, aaargh! This is the teacher's way of getting some insight into their students' personalities.

Anyway, it's a bit disjointed because it was typed out in a hurry, but here is my response to her teacher:

Safa Khan is the oldest of my three kids, and the most mature by any standards. She has fairly diverse interests; she is taking guitar lessons (both acoustic and electric), has a black belt in Heiwado karate, and is an avid reader of all genres of fiction, but mostly fantasy. She can read books at an amazing pace if they interest her, but we can't persuade her to read non-fiction for pleasure, unless it's her favorite magazine, National Geographic Kids. As far as her other strengths, I think her strongest point may be her compassion and sensitivity towards others. She is very motherly towards her toddler brother, who is actually more than ten years her junior, and will tolerate all types of abuse from him without retaliating. She puts a lot of effort into projects, sometimes too much time to perfect something, which often leads to time management issues. Sometimes it's hard to explain to her that you can only get 100 on a project if that's the maximum score given out, even if you work on it twice as long as everyone else! On the other hand, she has been known to throw her hands up in the air and announce something is too hard, just because it's new and she doesn't want to try and learn a new concept. If you can coax her to try harder she does fine. She works very well in a team, but often ends up doing the brunt of the team's work because she is willing to take on so much. I think many of her peers also expect her to take on the role of leader.

Although she can be a bit shy when she meets new people she quickly becomes the 'leader'. She loves to be in the limelight and strives to get attention from everyone. Thankfully she seeks positive attention though.

Safa is working hard this year on her organizational skills. Last year she often lost points in school because she would complete an assignment, but lose it before she turned it in. Hopefully that won't be the case this year.

Another thing we have been hoping she focuses on more is her guitar playing. The theory of it comes to her so easily, and she can play most songs she is taught, but she is not yet a good guitar player because she won't take the time to practice. We have come close to giving up on it several times, but then out of the blue she'll perform a song really well and surprise us, and we'll decide to keep going, we've already invested in more than 2 years worth of lessons. I keep hoping that some day she'll wake up and decide that this is something she could really be good at, and start practicing more consistently. She does enjoy it when she plays.

Academically she has high aspirations, she is already talking about college and medical school as an option. With both of her parents doctors we encourage her, but try not to force our wishes on her. We explain to her that she can do whatever she chooses as long as she sets her heart to it, and I believe that to be true. Hopefully so does she! I hope that this will be a good year for her, she's very excited about her teachers and school in general, being on the yearbook committee, and possibly doing debate again this year if it is an option.


The Portas said...

What an outstanding, unique person she is! She will do great things in her life. I can see that for sure. I love what you wrote about her. Hugs to you guys. xooxox

Unknown said...

What a beautiful letter. I can tell just from what I've read on here that she is an incredible young lady.


Unknown said...

Great essay! told me so much about our darling safa!


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