Monday, August 11, 2008

A delicious brunch, and other news

Sunday morning we walked down to a little cafe called Gatherings for brunch. It's a place we have thought of checking out several times, but didn't have a chance to until now. The buffet spread included various appetizing cooked vegetables and salads as well as the usual breakfast meats, hash brown casserole and belgian waffles. The menu consisted of more than your typical southern fare, but we loved it. I think we might be going back some time soon. Of course it was even nicer that Farah and Adeel were with us, and it was sad to see them leave for Mobile a little later, but of course we all had to be at work today. Plus you can't leave a kitty in your house for too long without someone else there. Farah's cat Janice was at home, and probably anxiously awaiting their return.

This morning I took Bilal to Children's for his post-op appointment with Dr. Saito. He behaved wonderfully, so that was nice. It was a relatively quick visit, mostly to check out his incision site, which looks great. We don't have to go back unless we have any concerns. So now we can put that issue to rest! Tomorrow is Bilal's 2 year check-up with his pediatrician, and he'll finally get weighed unclothed, so we'll see how much he's really gained. Today at the surgeon's office he was 28 pounds, compared to 29 at the PC's office about a month ago, so one of those has to be off! Either way, at least we are no longer consumed by his inability to gain weight, he looks great, and is a lot taller as we can tell from how his 2 year clothes are getting small on him.

Speaking of getting taller, Safa is just about my height now. Granted, that''s only 5'2", but I'm sure she has at least a bit more growing to do, whereas I'm done! Her shoe size is just a tiny bit less than mine; she is wearing 7 and 1/2 compared to my 7 and 3/4. Incidentally, have you ever tried to buy a pair of 7 and 3/4 shoes? They're impossible to find, so I have to compromise with size 8, which don't always fit me great. I wonder why they don't make shoes in 1/4 size increments? It would be so much more convenient!

Thursday is the kids' first day of school after the summer holidays. I think we are all ready to start back and get into a routine. The summer has been long and hot! We might try and make one more trip down to Mobile and hopefully the beach before the weather cools down, although we don't have any long weekends coming up for a while. Right now we have to get into 'back to school' mode.


Unknown said...

What a great post op check up! Wow...Bilal weighs 28 (or 29) pounds! He sure is getting big. I know exactly how you feel because we are finally at that point where we don't stress about Arianna's weight. Yes, she is small but she is gaining.

I hope the kids have a wonderful first day at school. You have such bright children and I'm sure they will do just fine.


The Portas said...

It's crazy that school is starting already. What happened to summer?? Come back, summer!

Good news on the post-op check. Check that off your list!

I hope getting back into the school routine goes well for you guys. Take care. xoxo

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