Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cute brothers, a funny video

OK, here's a video of the boys that you have to watch. You might have to turn up the volume to get the gist of it, because it's all in the conversation. I was almost rolling off the sofa when Safa showed it to me. She has been trying out her new camera that just came in the mail today, and I think we have a budding photojournalist on our hands!

This video made me realize how much Bilal actually learns from his big brother. He looks up to him and mimics everything he does! And this one I'll be sharing in my 'Just for laughs' section in the left sidebar.

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The Portas said...

This is SO CUTE! What a great photojournalist indeed, and the boys did a great interview. I love seeing Bilal being a copycat. So funny, thanks for the morning giggle! xoxo

Tina:0) said...

Looks like you have a few budding stars on your hands! What handsome boys you have!

Unknown said...

Bilal really copies his brother. He is too cute! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Unknown said...

I showed this video to amma abba! they loved it! they lovvdd the "mathematics" part:D


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